Latin America is waking up

Jan 02, 2020 Others
Protests in Santiago, Chile.
In this new year in the Latin American region, countries like Peru, Colombia, and Chile are waking up from the mental lethargy exerted by oppression.

We need appropriation of entertainment and art

Dec 20, 2019 Others
Person watching a painting in a museum.
Recreation and use of free time have become a difficult luxury to acquire and free tickets are not used as they should .

Colombia: Accessing higher education is not an easy task for deaf people

Nov 27, 2019 Others
Students attending a university class.
The inclusion as a guarantee of fundamental rights of the deaf population in Colombia is nothing more than a utopia for the majority.

Where is the quality of life for young people?

Nov 01, 2019 Others
Young man lying behind study books.
That impoverished mentality that tells us that winning the exact thing for the needs or sometimes less, is still perpetuating, is fine

World Democracy Day: Colombia, on the verge of becoming a regime

Sep 12, 2019 Others
Nariño Palace in Bogotá.
Can we seriously consider a country in which political leaders die, more corruption scandals are uncovered and media outlets censored, like a true democracy?

Latin America must listen to the people of Hong Kong’s message regarding extradition

Jul 02, 2019 Our
A worker cleans up outside the Legislative Council, a day after protesters broke into the building in Hong Kong.
If most of the Constitutions of Latin American countries formerly explicitly prohibited the extradition of nationals and changes were made based on a…

No more politicized media!

Jun 05, 2019 Our
No more politicized media!
For media not to censor, it is necessary to detach from any relationship with public leadership

Colombia: State institutions must ensure their credibility

May 24, 2019 Our
Colombia: State institutions must ensure their credibility
Recent decisions by some Colombian institutions have generated a confrontation that threatens their own stability

Millionaire fine to Bayer should make us wake up

May 16, 2019 Others
Millionaire fine to Bayern should make us wake up
Much has been discussed about the terrible consequences of glyphosate, but governments like the Colombian one insist on using the controversial herbicide

Colombia: What about JEP?

Apr 30, 2019 Others
Colombia: What about JEP?
The objections of the JEP had to be voted on Monday, April 29 in the Senate, but personal and partisan interests were found to prevent it.

Stop treating waste pickers as homeless

Apr 03, 2019 Others
Stop treating waste pickers as homeless
Waste pickers are viewed with contempt for the work they do. Most do not realize that it is they who are saving the planet
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