Virtual sports: is it worth watching?

May 15, 2020 Others
EA Fifa Sports match.
Are e-sports a poor replacement for "real" sports during the quarantine?

The quarantine also liberates

May 13, 2020 Others
Woman looking out of a window.
What do we achieve with our presence, contribute, or take away?

Four ways natural gas can save money for your industry

Apr 15, 2020 Others
Natural gas combustion plant.
If you own an industry yourself, then you’ll understand that power doesn’t come cheap

¿Existe unión política en Latinoamérica contra el Covid-19?

Apr 06, 2020 Others
View of the city of Caracas in Venezuela.
The coronavirus is testing the narratives of Latin American governments.

Justin Bieber and other news of the week

Apr 02, 2020 Others
Justin Bieber, frame from the series 'Rick and Morty' and Prince Charles of England.
Here are the five most important entertainment news of the week.

Gender violence and early education: inexorably linked?

Mar 30, 2020 Others
Boy walking on a wet trail.
Early education for men is essential if one day we want to stop gender violence.

How to celebrate Easter from home

Mar 30, 2020 Others
Interior view of the Abbey of Santa Maria Laach in Germany.
The celebration of Easter will not be the usual one, due to the coronavirus. However, here we have some ways to celebrate it from home.

Do you really know what coaching is?

Mar 26, 2020 Others
Woman giving a talk to a group of people.
The first key is to understand that coaching and these methodologies were not born a year or two ago.

Prince Charles and other entertainment news of the week

Mar 26, 2020 Others
Prince Carlos, Rosalía and illustration from JBalvin's album.
Here is a summary of what you could not miss during the week.

The real reasons behind coronavirus anti-propagation measures

Mar 25, 2020 Others
Hand moving a puppet.
There may be more sinister reasons behind all the precautions taken against the pandemic.

When World of Warcraft went mad over a pandemic

Mar 24, 2020 Others
Still from the trailer for the movie 'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands'
World of Warcraft had an experience similar to the current pandemic, where we were able to observe an interesting reaction from the community.

Celebrities infected with coronavirus and other news of the week

Mar 18, 2020 Others
Idris Elba, frame from the movie 'Black Widow', Alejandro Sanz.
Here are the most relevant news in the world of entertainment.

The 5 strangest consoles in history

Mar 17, 2020 Others
Apple Bandai Pippin console.
We are in an era in which every day there are more and more gamers. Therefore, we decided to review the 5 rarest consoles in history.

No one is alien to the financial markets

Mar 13, 2020 Others
Computer displaying statistics and charts.
The phrase "my outer world reflects my inner world" here becomes tangible .

The 5 worst videogames in history

Mar 12, 2020 Others
Superman figure.
The world of video games has exquisite titles, but also others that displease everyone. Let's look at the 5 worst games ever.
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