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After the success of Sinceramente by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, it only remains to ask, how will that affect the next presidential elections in Argentina?

Sinceramente by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: memoir or presidential campaign?

In the same line of El Dilema: 600 días de vértigo by José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former president of Spain, or the recent La Batalla por la Paz by Juan Manuel Santos, former president of Colombia, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner launched Sinceramente, edited by Panamericana. In the book, which they describe as memories, CFK talks about his political and personal life, about Argentina and the scandals around her.

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Is it because of the love of literature that she wrote this? Very doubtfully. Rather, like most books written by politicians, the publication of her memoirs covers much more than the literary field and her political intention seems very clear: to confirm the launching of the presidency for the Argentine elections in October. Not only that, but it is also a way to put your name between the topics of conversation, to make them talk about it. As Eduardo Reina mentioned in an article in Perfil, "it is not the book of a former president: it is the book of a candidate for the presidency."

A sales success in times of editorial crisis

CFK's book revived the Argentine publishing world like no other book. With three reprints since its publication on April 25 - the first and second of 20,000, the third of 24,000 - and the next of 60,000 and 94,000 copies on the way, it has broken records and has given a great respite to the book industry. As Ecequiel Leder Cremer, an Argentine bookseller, mentions in an Infobae interview, "it 's an unusual and unprecedented thing because we are at a time when people find it hard to make ends meet, but they collect the $ 599 and buy it, also those who buy the book between two or three, like a cooperative purchase.

So, not only is the book drawing attention, but it has become a media theme that everyone wants to be a part of, even if the country is not in its best moments to spend on books. What motivates you to buy this book? Debora Yanover, Argentine bookseller, also in interview by Infobae, says that "Here we asked ourselves: what does the reader get when he buys this book? A piece of Cristina is brought home. There is an emotional thing, "what apparently appears on the point. Beyond what was said by CFK in the book, it seems that buying it is one more way of approaching the former president, her intimacy, who because she is a public figure becomes a topic of interest, or gossip, of everyone.

Seizure of copyright money

Not everything is a fairy tale for her, because it is very likely that all the money that comes to her for royalties will be seized by the government, because of ongoing investigations that accuse her of corruption. As reported on page 12, "Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio yesterday sent an office to Editorial Sudamericana to request a copy of the best-seller's contract, sincerely written by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner." In that office, "the magistrate warns the publisher that general inhibition of assets of the former president is available, which is why he orders Sudamericana not to make payments for the author's rights".

Because of the above, Cristina would not receive anything from the gold mine that meant the book, since at this moment she can only pay her senator and retired salary, the only thing unattachable.

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Preamble to your presidential campaign?

The interest to consecrate as a recognized writer of literature does not seem to be the main objective of CFK. Rather, as Eduardo Reina in Perfil suggests, "the book will not convince any antikirchnerist to vote for Cristina in October. Not even undecided. But it was not the idea either. Sincerely, it is a letter of introduction, the unofficial announcement of Cristina's candidacy. It is not there to be read, it is there to be talked about. "

In that sense, the content of the book, as probably in many politicians, is not of great importance, but the media hype surrounding it, and more if we are talking about upcoming elections.

Will this bookish strategy work to get more votes? In October will be known.

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Translated from "'Sinceramente' de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: ¿unas memorias o campaña presidencial?"

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