These are the properties of El Chapo that were auctioned

Nov 13, 2019 Latam
Chapo Guzmán property auction.
These are the 3 houses of Chapo Guzmán that the Mexican government sold for $ 4.3 million pesos .

What you should know about the resignation of the Colombian Minister of Defense

Nov 07, 2019 Latam
Guillermo Botero, former Colombian defense minister.
In just one year, Minister Guillermo Botero went through the second motion of censure in Congress where several parties sought his resignation

Former Minister of Justice in Colombia with judicial problems

Nov 05, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
Fernando Londoño Hoyos must return the 145 million shares of the Invercolsa company, which he acquired irregularly 20 years ago .

Massacre of indigenous people in Cauca Colombia

Oct 31, 2019 Latam
Indigenous community person.
The FARC dissidents killed Cristina Bautista, Governor of the Cabildo de Tacueyó in the department of Cauca in Colombia, and four community members of the…

First female mayor of Bogotá makes the corrupt tremble

Oct 28, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
Claudia Nayibe López Hernández managed to become the first woman of the most important mayor's office in Colombia, the mayor's office of the capital of the…

These are 4 of the biggest wars in Latin America

Oct 24, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
The past conflicts of Latin America are the beginning of understanding the configuration, territorial distribution and current disputes of the region.

'Restaurante Interno': a second opportunity for inmates

Oct 08, 2019 Latam
The San Diego women's prison in Cartagena becomes every night, a cooking workshop open to the public.

Delcy Rodríguez also presented false news at the UN

Oct 04, 2019 Latam
Delcy Rodríguez, Vice President of Venezuela.
In recent days, President Iván Duque delivered a dossier with fake photographs. What did the Venezuelan vice president present?

Iván Duque's mistakes before the UN

Sep 29, 2019 Latam
President of Colombia, Ivan Duque presenting evidence to the UN about Venezuela.
The president of Colombia went badly before the UN when different medias said the images shared in his dossier were false.

Is the world approaching the legalization of euthanasia?

Sep 27, 2019 Latam
Person filling a syringe with medication.
Most countries in the world do not yet approach a discussion about euthanasia.
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