Mohamed Salah and the 4 keys to get to Real Madrid

The Egyptian player lives his best sports season in his first year with Liverpool, fact that has generated interest in Florentino Pérez

Mohamed Salah and the 4 keys to get to Real Madrid

Soccer is a business and whoever has more money gets what they want, and an example of this is Real Madrid. The white club now wants to acquire the services of Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah, who has marked 44 goals in 50 games so far this season with Liverpool. The player has become the great figure to conquer in the next transfer market by Florentino Pérez, without ruling out the appearance of a revelation in Russia 2018. Now, what are the keys for the player of the 'Reds 'Go to the merengue team?

The possible answers to this question are presented below:

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1. The departure of Bale: It is imminent that for someone to arrive someone has to leave, and the name that sounds louder to leave the white house, as soon as the season is over, is that of Gareth Bale. For no one is a secret that despite arriving as a superstar to Madrid, the Welshman has never been able to perform as the institution has intended. Injuries, pressure, team play style, and even bad luck have contributed to Bale today being more outside than inside the club. If his exit finally materializes, he would be opening the door to Salah.

2. A defeat of Madrid in Kiev: Curiously and oddly enough, in the Real Madrid environment there are many people who think that a process has been completed for this generation of players headed by Benzema, Marcelo, Navas, Modric, Bale, and company. That is to say, that a revolution must take place within the club.

For this reason, if Madrid is defeated in Kiev in the dispute of the Champions League final against precisely Salah's Liverpool, the defeat could frame the end of the cycle of many of these players. This cycle closure would represent an opening not only for the Egyptian, but also for many other players.

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3. Economic agreement: Mohamed has said little about his departure from Liverpool. However, it has been known through some important media that the player would be happy to go the cast of the Spanish capital, but Salah wants to earn an exorbitant salary, in which only the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo exceeds.

From this premise, we will have to see how much Real Madrid wants to fulfill the request of the Egyptian. Above all, because if analyzed carefully, although Salah has had a great season, we are not talking about a star either. The Egyptian has just materialized a couple of good seasons, one with Rome and this with Liverpool.

4. Another figure could appear in Russia: Another fact that cannot be hidden is that Florentino Pérez measures his love towards the players through the World Championships. As it happened in Brazil 2014, where the Colombian James Rodriguez appeared, who captivated the directors of the Real, one might think that Salah would take a back seat.

We must also understand that although the Liverpool player will be in the World Cup and could have a certain role, it is very difficult for a team like Egypt to transcend. The condition of the Egyptian national team would lead him to lose some important points in order to get a white uniform next season.

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