Latinos in PSV: a bet that the club will continue to hold after winning the Netherlands

A Mexican, a Colombian, and a Uruguayan make up the great Latin American promises of the current champion of the Eredivisie

Latinos in PSV: a bet that the club will continue to hold after winning the Netherlands

The current champion of the first division of Dutch football, PSV Eindhoven, has a large Latin American representation that has greatly enhanced their level of play and this was demonstrated by the most recent league title. The Colombian Santiago Arias, the Mexican Hirving Lozano, and the Uruguayan Gastón Pereiro stand out for their impressive quality and their youth, since their average age is approximately 23 years. The talent of these Latin American athletes from the whole of Eindhoven is promising, because each and every one of them sounds for the best European teams.

Santiago, the best in the Netherlands

The talented 26-year-old Colombian right-back has been enshrined in Dutch football thanks to his leadership. Arias came to PSV in July 2013 and since then has evolved in his game to such an extent to become an undisputed holder of the historic Dutch club. With the rojiblanco club he has won two Dutch Super Cups and three Eredivisie, that is, 3 first division leagues.

The last season, which marked his third league title with PSV, has been the best of the Colombian. Arias played a total of 35 games in the different competitions that PSV disputed, where he scored 6 goals and made 3 assists. His regularity and leadership earned him the prize for the best player of the season of the Dutch league and one of the team members of the season in Holland.

The Colombian is also a regular selected by José Pékerman for the Colombia National Team, where he has played a total of 40 matches and where he has been shortlisted to participate in the 2018 World Cup. His talent has stood out in the world, so that Juventus of Italy and Valencia of Spain could be interested in their signing.

Hirving Lozano, the "Chucky" of the goal

The 22-year-old Mexican striker dazzled Dutch football in his first season with PSV. The 'Chuky', as Hirving Lozano is known, arrived at Dutch football at the hands of the red-whites in July 2017, and so far he has played 34 games, scored 19 goals, and made 11 assists in different competitions.

Lozano is one of the most prominent Latin Americans in Dutch football with Santiago Arias. The Mexican managed to be the Latin with most goals in the first division of Dutch football by scoring 17 goals in 29 games, and managed to be the second Latin with more assists in the same competition to make 11 goal passes. In the same way, he was selected as one of the members of the best team of the season.

The 'Chucky' has earned a place in the Mexican national team despite his young age. In the Aztec team he has played 26 games, scored 7 goals and has 2 assists, and has just been chosen as one of the 28 preselected by Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio to play in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Clubs like Valencia Spain and Everton of England have been interested in the signing of the Mexican striker.

Gastón Pereiro, 'garra charrúa' for PSV

The only Uruguayan of PSV is Gastón Pereiro, a 22-year-old striker. The Uruguayan arrived at PSV in July 2015 and has managed to stay in the fight for ownership in the front of the club. Pereiro played 33 games in total during the last season, scoring 11 goals and 2 assists that served for the 24th league title for PSV.

The Uruguayan striker's great talent was not enough for Óscar Tabárez to call him for the 2018 World Cup, since Edinson Cavani, Luís Suárez, Christian Stuani, and Maximiliano Gómez have more experience in the Uruguayan national team. However, Pereiro's young age guarantees new opportunities to represent his country in great football events.

Other Latino talents

The Latin American talent of PSV is enormous, promising and constant, because players like the Brazilian Mauro Júnior and the Argentine Maximiliano Moreno, both of 19 years of age, are accumulating experience to take advantage of the opportunities they have to succeed in the red and white club. Latin American athletes have a reliable entrance into football at the highest level and are making the most of their opportunities.

Power in all positions, youth, 'nerve' football, goal, speed, handling of the ball and sacrifice, many conditions that give the Eindhoven eleven a power with which they can legitimately bet a chain of titles in the Eredivisie. A logical bet.

LatinAmerican Post | Javier Aldana

Translated from "Latinos en el PSV: una apuesta a la que seguirá aferrado el club tras titularse en Holanda"

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