Peru will receive the second championship of the Latin American Downhill Cup

The competition, which started its 2018 season in Panama City, boosts extreme sports considerably throughout Latin America

Peru will receive the second championship of the Latin American Downhill Cup

The Latin American Downhill Cup has had a great reception in this part of the world, because mountain bikers from Brazil, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala and Panama have dared to participate. Panamá hosted the first competition, specifically in the province of Veraguas, four hours from Panama City. In this case, the province of Satipo, in Peru, will host the second valid of this competition on 11 and 12 August. Latin American Post gives you details on how it will be this championship and who are the cyclists to be taken into account.

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Satipo, perfect province for the Downhill

The province of Satipo has all the features to ensure the optimal development of a downhill, so it was determined a quite demanding route. "On the circuit, it has an approximate distance of 2.5 km of descent, where the cyclist will go through different natural obstacles, such as drops, superelevations, jumps of street crossings with more than 10 meters long, which is undoubtedly a different challenge as usual ," said the specialized media of Peru Tiempo Extremo.

The reception by the mountain bikers has been great, because the Latin American Downhill Cup has different categories such as Elite, Semi Pro, Junior, Cadet, AB Master, Rigid, Ladies and Enduro. "We are happy waiting to receive the competitors from different countries, they will be an average of 50 foreigners," says Jimmy Bonilla, promoter of the Latin American Downhill Cup, in statements collected by the Peruvian media La República.

In the same way, being an extreme high risk sport, all the precautionary measures for the competition will be guaranteed. "This event will have the relevant security measures: ambulance, paramedics, serene, among others. The support of the municipality of Satipo will ensure that international athletes can appreciate the tourist places and the kindness of their people," Bonilla added to the same media.

The prizes, according to Extreme Time, will be delivered by the Provincial Municipality of Satipo, which are the organizers of the event. The rewards vary between cash, sports accessories, crafts and medals.

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Rafael Gutiérrez, Colombian winner of the elite category in the first championship of the Latin American Downhill Cup with a time of 2 minutes and 55 seconds, believes that this competition has a high level of demand and professionalism. "It's a cup that brings together several athletes from Latin America and that gives it level," he said in an interview with the Semilleros Deportivos media.

The downhill is taking great strength in Latin America, and this cup gives it even more momentum to settle permanently. The next stop of the competition will be in Medellín, Colombia.

LatinAmerican Post | Javier Aldana
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