Diego Maradona: From football legend to 'Showman'

The former Argentine star accumulates many controversial and funny episodes that arouse both positive and negative reactions

Diego Maradona: From football legend to 'Showman'

There are many athletes who dedicate themselves to live thanks to their image as professionals. The difference is that some can act to the limit generating sensations found in their fans or followers. Some remembered examples are former basketball player Dennis Rodman and former French footballer Eric Cantona.

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But today, Diego Armando Maradona, is the "Showman" of the moment, something that has strengthened over the years in different roles and scenarios. In LatinAmerican Post we review some of the most controversial 'shows' of the legendary former Argentine player, current technical director of the Sinaloa Dorados in Mexico.

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A chronology of events

After being expelled from the 1994 World Cup by doping, Maradona began a multifaceted stage as technical director, television commentator, special guest of FIFA and political events in Venezuela, in other activities.

In the 2010 South Africa World Cup and as a coach from Argentina, he started the "andadas". From training, Maradona was lucid taking all the spotlight on him ahead of players like Gonzalo Higuain, Gabriel Heinze, Carlos Tevez and a very young Lionel Messi of 23 years. The Spanish newspaper Sport reflected that Maradona was in the news 24 hours a day, with statements such as "Pele must go to the museum", being witty in the press conferences, teaching his players how to throw the faults in front of the cameramen, and playing the games with them.

In Davis Cup

It ended 2016 and Diego did it again. Not before generating controversy as a television commentator on the program De Zurda of the Telesur channel together with the Uruguayan journalist Victor Hugo Morales, broadcast on the occasion of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The Third of Chile published the attitudes of Maradona in Zagreb after the historic title of Argentina in the Davis Cup final of Tennis against Croatia. "He jumped, gestured, fought, danced, insulted and celebrated. Accompanied by his partner Rocío Oliva, on the 10th he lived with everything, the Davis Cup series, "the aforementioned newspaper published.

In turn, the same article reviewed Maradona's subsequent statements. "Yesterday Del Potro gave us a lesson to all Argentines that, if we fight, we can, and he asked me to kiss his wrist," he said. Not satisfied with that, the former star took advantage of social networks to discuss with the Argentine coach Humberto Grondona, who at that time directed the Union La Calera and days ago had called it 'cool' but with a term of that country.

"Every time I go to see the Argentine athletes I pay my passages accordingly. My old man does not pay me, like others. And I was not left with the twine that my old man stole from FIFA. So they already know it," Maradona declared, and La Tercera reflected it.

In the Russia 2018 draw

Historically Maradona and Pelé, considered by many the two best players in history, have not been the best friends. However, once again the Argentinian surprised everyone, this time with a noble gesture on December 1 at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, in the minutes leading up to the draw ceremony for Russia 2018. Diego approached the so-called 'O Rei ' - who was convalescing in a wheelchair - to kiss him on the forehead and even managed to get Pele to ask for a photo, which obviously went around the world in just minutes.

But Maradona's show did not end there, on the contrary, he continued with two more acts. Infobae recalled that he had to take the last ball out of Group D, which Argentina joined together with Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria, and did not hesitate to shout: "Argentina has to pass the round, because the group is accessible and because it has to improve. He cannot play as badly as he has been doing ", in the presence of who was the coach, Jorge Sampaoli.

Maradona again made his own in front of the same Vladimir Putin, who asked him without penalty a photo with different personalities as the Brazilian Ronaldo and FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, who had appointed him a few months ago Ambassador of the presiding body. "They all came to see him and take a picture with you, but they do not dare to ask him ... Give him, come, assholes, we took our picture!" , were the words of Maradona according to Infobae.

On his debut with Sinaloa

Before this new and current experience as a coach, few remember the fleeting step of Diego as president of Dynamo Brest of Belarus, the club with which he signed in May to take charge of the signings of the club, among other functions, thanks to his representative Matías Morla according to information from El Clarín. He was honorary president.

Prensa.com reiterated the spectacle of the Argentine quarterback in his debut with the Dorados, who thrashed 4-1 at the Cafetaleros de Tapachula. Although the Ecuadorian Vinicio Angulo scored three goals, it was Maradona who stole the show behind the line of lime, haranguing the public, giving handcuffs on the bench when things did not come out and remarkable signs of jubilation at home goal.

Then, he left the bench to celebrate. He raised his hands to the sky, entered the field to congratulate his players and even agreed to take selfies with rival players. "It is not my effect that made them win the game but the desire since the game started," he said at the press conference later, according to Clarin and in a position contrary to his attitude.

It is difficult to match Maradona in these things, maybe it is the charisma of Usain Bolt, the closest thing. Canal RCN remembers how the former sprinter, today a footballer, improvised a samba dance with Brazilians at the end of a press conference at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

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