Get ready! VAR is coming to Qatar 2022 qualifiers

Although is already used in the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana, it will be the first time that Conmebol uses the VAR for the road to Qatar 2022

Get ready! VAR is coming to Qatar 2022 qualifiers

The reasons for including this tool in the eliminatory are, according to the Segundo Enfoque website, that there is a fairer competition and through this technological aid, to reduce errors in arbitration decisions. In addition, it was already being applied in the most important football competitions worldwide.

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The person in charge of providing the technology for the World Cup qualifiers, which will be played between October 2019 and 2021, will be the same one that will provide it for the Copa América Brazil 2019, as indicated in the same portal.

There are some South American countries for which, it will be an innovation implementing it, since it is not yet being applied in these federations, as is the case of Venezuela, due to the high costs involved in implementing this system, according to an article published in the Publimetro portal.

In the Copa Sudamericana and the Copa Libertadores, the VAR system has already been implemented, but only after the quarterfinals, so the decision to apply it in all the elimination matches for Qatar 2022 involves installing this technology, in each one of the stadiums where matches are played.

According to PanamaOn, for the president of the Conmebol arbitration commission, Wilson Seneme, the application of the VAR in the Russia 2018 World Cup was a success, for which, he considers the implementation of the VAR as a total success and thus obtain optimal results. at the time of a difficult decision.

According to the same publication, the president of the arbitration commission of the Conmebol said: "It was shown that the essence of football was not lost with this technology and that there is not much interference. I think this support is very good so that the members can use it if necessary". However, they feel fear about the decision of when to use VAR or not.

It indicates that when there is a clear error, it is easy to decide to use the new technology, but if it is not clear, they are afraid of not making the right decision, but for that, they are preparing and doing the best job possible.

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VAR, Copa Libertadores, and South American

Under the premise of "Minimum interference, maximum benefit", the video Arbitration was implemented in the Copa Libertadores and South American of the Conmebol. According to the website of the confederation, area directors of Conmebol agree that the application of the system will serve to "do justice on the court" and focused on the training of more than 50 referees from 10 countries. from South America to obtain optimal results.

According to Infobae, the use of the VAR in the Copa Libertadores was full of uncertainty and decisions that some have questioned, red cards that were then eliminated by CONMEBOL, goals canceled, hands not verified.

The situations in which the VAR can be used in the South American competitions, according to the Conmebol page, are the confusion of identity, goals, penalties and red card. It is not yet known if the same criteria will be applied for the World Cup qualifiers or if there will be some modification.

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