Mikaela Shiffrin: a sporting feat that places her at the top

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The 24-year-old American made history at the Alpine Ski World Cup, held recently in Andorra

Mikaela Shiffrin: a sporting feat that places her at the top

Mikaela Shiffrin will begin to be a more repeated name in sports, especially in alpine skiing. The reason? For the feat that the 24-year-old American recently made in the World Cup of that sport in Andorra. Many claim that this feat is comparable only to an athlete achieving a gold medal in speed events and also in the middle of a world track and field.

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Shiffrin's performance could be compared to that of a driver who in the same competition is qualified in two different specialties such as Formula 1 and rallies. Hence the greatness of the four Crystal Globes that the American skier won in the aforementioned event, says in an article the BBC Mundo.

A record in the discipline

Shiffrin, the winner of the general title of the World Cup consecutively from 2017 to 2019, stayed with the general classification of the ski world with the titles of slalom, giant slalom, and super-G in the same year; an achievement that, in this sport, has never been reached by anyone.

The American Lindsey Vonn and the Slovenian Tina Maze are the only skiers to achieve four victories in a single season, but no one before, neither in male nor in female category, had achieved the combination that Shiffrin completed, stressed the BBC Mundo.

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In the case of this 2019, the victory in the giant slalom was secured, which also meant the 60th victory of her career in a world cup. "Each title is different, but I wanted to come here and really win this one, I really wanted to win it and deserve it, I'm very happy with the way I'm skiing, I had the energy all day and I was able to compete concentrated", said Shiffrin.

However, the American is still far from the maximum record of victories in women and absolute (82 and 86 respectively), but, if she maintains this pace, she could even exceed the individual absolute record, held by the legendary Ingemar Stenmark.

Low profile?

There is already something certain: Shiffrin is already compared with this sport's legends, such as Lindsey Vonn and Anne Marie Moser-Pröll, while focusing on her future. Her possibilities are endless, but her personality does not seem very comfortable with the fact of becoming a star.

La Vanguardia assured that the International Ski Federation (FIS) is excited with the discovery of a treasure, which could well be the best skier of all time. Shiffrin attended a few hours after her feat to reporters of the aforementioned media in a room of the Hermitage hotel in Andorra, scene of the final of the World Cup of skiing. When asked about her feelings of triumph and that many are already talking about it, she replied: "Let's see. I love being a source of inspiration for others. I like that they recognize me. But what has just happened surpasses me. I am overcome with the fact that I can barely leave the room. It makes me feel guilty," which suggests that low profile that she seems to like, far from the center of attention.

A little of her daily life

Shiffrin is currently in the United States, being the protagonist of interviews and appearances on TV shows, according to Marca. Despite her records, to which must be added that she exceeded with his 17 victories in this year the record of 14 for one season -which was held by Vreni Schneider-, it must be said that, in the US, skiing is not even close to being one of the most followed sports.

In addition, Marca compared the aforementioned Stenmark with her in some aspects: the 40 victories in slalom and with only 24 years, taking into account that Lindsay Vonn retired at age 34 with four Big Globes, the same that she already has. As if that were not enough, she has already 60 victories in the World Cup, the youngest skier to reach that figure.

Let's leave the marks behind for a moment because Marca talks about what Shiffrin is doing right now. For now, she is spending time with her 97-year-old grandmother, enjoying her new home in Colorado and away from the routine of an elite athlete. However, that tranquility will no longer be frequent, because, with what she has done and after Vonn's retirement, the media and skiing in general expect her to replace her.

Her mother Eileen, who has been a guide in her sporting career and in the team, will also have to take control of this situation so that Mikaela can assume it. Her work may extend beyond training and analyzing videos or inspecting clues.

The analogy with Marcel Hirscher

Marca, in another article, reflected that the final result of the Alpine Ski World Cup is identical to the previous two seasons in what refers to the Big Globe: with Marcel Hirscher and Shiffrin dominating the circuit. The two are great champions with one difference: while the Austrian from Salzburg is thinking about his retirement after setting the record in eight consecutive absolute titles, the queen of Vail, Colorado, has done nothing but consolidate her supremacy towards a bright future.

In the Soldeu finals of last week, for example, there is a sample of it. Hirscher did not reach the top 5 in the two races he played, while he was sixth in the giant and fourteenth in the slalom, a performance clearly inferior to that of Shiffrin.

In addition to the eight Big Globes, the Austrian's track record is extended to twelve disciplines (six giant and six slalom), double Olympic champion in Pyeongchang (combined and giant), three times slalom world champion and a family with a son of five months that now seem to be his priority.

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