A Mexican woman won the FIFA award with the best goal of the World Cup

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Her name is Mónica Ocampo; she is 32 years old and plays in Pachuca. Although she is an average player, she is now in the focus of the international press

A Mexican woman won the FIFA award with the best goal of the World Cup

In the match of Mexico vs. England in the 2011 Women's World Championship in Germany, the Aztec player Mónica Ocampo takes a powerful shot with the right leg that is embedded in the left corner of the British goal. The goal of Mexico! That game was 1-1, and eight years later, it becomes relevant when FIFA has awarded that goal as the best in the history of women's World Cups.

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A few days before the start of the eighth edition of these World Cups, to be played in France in 2019, in the seven previous editions 771 goals have been scored, and the highest governing body of universal football, chose ten finalists for the public will vote for their favorite, with Ocampo being the winner, BBC Mundo said.

Ocampo said through she Twitter account: "I want to thank you for all the support, for having made me part of the history in the women's world," the player told her fans in a video posted on her Twitter account. In LatinAmerican Post, we want to make known who this Latin American soccer player is, beyond her impressive goal.

An unexpected jump to fame

BBC added that already in 2006 FIFA had chosen Ocampo among the 20 best players in the world. Unfortunately, Mexico did not do well in the qualifiers for 2018 for this World Cup in France and could not qualify so Ocampo will not be present in what could perfectly be her last World Cup.

Mónica Ocampo Medina is her full name, and according to Liga Mx Fandom, she was born on January 4, 1987 and is currently working in the Pachuca Football Club of the Women's League of that country. This absence to the World Cup, however, is not the only one, because in that successful 2006 her team could not advance to the 2007 World Cup.

Later, to that disappointment, participated in the Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament of CONCACAF 2008, which scored a goal without being able to avoid the elimination of the Aztec team again. She took an important step in her career, when in 2009 she emigrated to Women's Professional Soccer, to reinforce Atlanta Beat for two years and then remained there, but playing for Sky Blue between 2010 and 2015. In 2017 she returned to Mexico to join to Pachuca.

Expansion of Mexico recalled that Ocampo made that score at a distance of three quarters of court, beating among other goals, the American Carla Lloyd, who finally placed in third place. The same media cited the tweet with which Ocampo thanked the voters. "Thanks to the votes of thousands of fans, the winner of the #GreatestGoal in the history of the #FIFAWWC is ... @ OcampoMonica11 !!! pic.twitter.com/cepuAXDMxG


Marca dedicates several lines to the veteran Mexican footballer. Even, FIFA defined her with the following words: "Ocampo, present, and future of Mexican soccer."

Ocampo is a kind of Mexican soccer ambassador. "It is very important to have our league in Mexico, previously without having a league qualified to World Cups, to significant tournaments. I believe that with this league it will be very important as the coach has said for those Sub-20, Subcategories -17, the truth is that girls play very well, there is a lot of talent in our country, and I think that will help the National Team a lot," she said at the time.

Monica of just 1.65 meters, stands out for her work, dedication and dedication, fundamentals that have allowed her to show her quality and that this is appreciated in a much more familiar way by the public. They have been an important factor for her to continue showing her quality, she has also been inspired by Maribel Domínguez, an emblem of Mexican women's soccer, and who is currently part of the national team's technical staff.

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In the 2018 edition of the Copa de México, Ocampo became the top scorer with six goals, and at the end of that contest, said: "It was a great joy to be champion of that tournament, we saw the work that was coming When talking about the league, the Pachuca Club takes this importance to form the team and that was reflected in the field and a great group was put together. Personally, we always go for the highest goals, Copa we left champions, in league I do not think we should expect less. "

Finally, Mónica, current captain of the Mexican National Team, left a message against the machismo that prevails in women's soccer, both locally and internationally. "A little machismo, I think we still live a bit there, I think we have shown that we know how to play football, we do it very well, I think that on that side would be the issue to overcome, because football is good level in Mexico, "Marca concluded.

Disputed Tournaments (Source: Brand)

* World U-20 Russia 2006

* World Germany 2011

* World Canada 2015

* Gold Cup 2006 (Third place)

* Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz in 2014 (Gold Medal)

* Pan American Games Toronto 2015 (Bronze Medal)

* Copa MX Femenil (Champion with Pachuca)

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