Will the arrival of Francisco Maturana to the Royal Pari be a success?

The experienced Colombian strategist, Francisco Maturana, returned to the technical direction of football, and at 70 years of age, he will have a new opportunity at the Royal Pari of Bolivia. Those from the highlanded country are delighted with their arrival and believe that it will be essential to evolve and progress.

Colombian soccer coach Francisco Maturana.

Colombian soccer coach Francisco Maturana. / Photo: Futbolero

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There is much expectation with the arrival of the Colombian strategist in the fans and especially in the leadership of the real estate team since they consider that his experience will be fundamental to achieve important objectives. For his part, Maturana hopes to work in the best way to succeed.

After his experience as an advisor to the Venezuelan soccer team in the Copa América in Brazil, a new course is presented to Maturana, who has the great challenge of giving identity to a Bolivian team, who surprised everyone with his outstanding performance in the South American Cup 2019.

After this hiring, two questions arise, will the bet of the leadership of Royal Pari with Maturana as a strategist be important to put this Bolivian squad at the top? and what contributions will the Colombian give to a football like the Bolivian to grow football?

LatinAmerican Post spoke with the experienced Bolivian sports journalist, Nataly Carrión, who is part of the writing of the newspaper Diez. The communicator said that Maturana's contribution will be essential for the Royal Pari because he is the most winning coach in Colombia.

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Football, football, football

“His conversations, his interview responses are only about football and this is important to spread to the players. He will support the style that Roberto Mosquera had already acquired, but it will give him a change of air,” Carrión said of Maturana's arrival to the Bolivian cast.

The communicator added that the arrival of 'Pacho' can help change the mentality of all Bolivian football players, but there are other affairs that should only be solved internally. In addition, there are issues that should be treated such as height and player training.

Carrión stressed that Bolivian fans have shown Francisco their admiration thanks to his career, professionalism, but especially for his simplicity because he has been an accessible coach for everyone. Thus achieving a historical contracting in Bolivia.

Achievements with Colombia

“He became the first Colombian coach who was in two soccer World Cups (1990 and 1994) in both cases with the national team. He also won the Copa Libertadores in 1989 with Atlético Nacional, and the Argentines have a bitter memory of him 5-0, ”said the journalist.

A serious and ambitious project is built in Royal Pari, where knowledge and infrastructure go hand in hand, according to the plan that the leader Mario Franklin Chavez has. The essential thing, then, will be that the players understand the message to Maturana.

Support of Xavier Azcargorta and Cesar Farías

Nataly Carrión pointed out that it is normal for the dentist to receive the support of great personalities of Bolivian football such as the Spaniard Xavier Azcargorta, who is highly respected in the highlands for having classified the green to the United States world championship that was made in 1994.

"They had the opportunity to talk and share a churrasco, always talking about football," said the journalist. These coaches have agreed in several football seminars, and Azcargorta has always stated that he admires Maturana for what he did with Colombia in the 1990s.

In addition, the journalist stressed that the dialogues Maturana has had with Cesar Farías, current coach of Bolivia, have also been fundamental since they had a friendly talk during a friendly engagement of the Royal Pari reserves with the Petroleum East.

As for one day, if Bolivians would like Maturana to lead the national team, Carrión said that this is something that will be seen later because he considers that at this moment, Cesar Farías is the coach of the senior team, and it is a process that must be respected.

Impressions of Maturana on Royal Pari

"We come with all the freshness and ability to build a road, I want to give my gratitude to the president, and the whole family for an invitation that we will enjoy daily with respect because it is a value that guarantees coexistence," Maturana said on video made by Total Soccer of Bolivia.

Pacho also added that football coaches are capitalizers of what they have, and that the best will be done. He also considers that there is technology, preparation and a workforce that should be profitable without ignoring that there are important challenges that must be faced.

In statements granted to the No Mentiras program, the Choco-born coach said he has a tune and a clear way of seeing life, and that was something that seduced him to lead the Royal Pari because he knew a project, an infrastructure and a leadership committed to a series of codes.

At Alargue de Caracol, Maturana said he wants the Royal Pari players to enjoy a construction process where the training place is not training but personal growth, and as a result of that walk success will be possible.

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#ElAlargue “Quiero que los jugadores disfruten y se sientan en un lugar de crecimiento ”: Francisco Maturana, entrenador del Royal Pari en #CaracolRadio

— Alargue Caracol (@AlargueCaracol) September 6, 2019

Impressions and objectives in the institution

For his part, the president of Royal Pari, Mario Franklin Chávez said in the presentation of the strategist and in a review made by the newspaper El Heraldo de Barranquilla that an emblem of Colombian football and one of the coaches with better results in football was chosen South American.

In turn, the steering wheel, Omar Vázquez, who acts in the cast of Santacruz, pointed out to GolCaracol.com, that Francisco is a person with a special wisdom, a way of being different since he cares a lot for the human being and then so it can be contributed with football.

To these compliments was added the midfielder, José Luis Chavez, who told onefootball.com, that they try to make the most of Maturana's teachings since in training he always tells them to work conscientiously and leave everything in the court.

Additional data

*Francisco Maturana directed several times to the Colombian National Team, achieving with it the title of the Copa América in 2001, and the qualifications to the World Cups in Italy 1990 and the United States 1994. He also directed the selected ones from Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Trinidad and Tobago.

*He directed in the Colombian Soccer casts such as Once Caldas, América de Cali, Millonarios and Atlético Nacional, with which he became the champion of the Copa Libertadores in 1989. In addition, he was also the coach of Atlético de Madrid and Real Valladolid of the Spanish league.

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