5 sports you can't miss in 2020

Holiday season is about to begin and we know that it is very difficult to resist the traditional foods that flood this time of the year. We understand that the last thing you want to know is about diets and exercises, but from now on we propose certain sports and disciplines to start 2020 with all the attitude.

Man lifting two women in the middle practicing acrogym.

Man lifting two women in the middle practicing acrogym. / Photo: Pexels - Reference Image

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Probably one of the most complete fat burning routines is HIIT, named because it is a high-intensity interval training. Through sequences “repeated periods of high-intensity activity, followed by varied recovery times, mainly boosting metabolism and maximizing oxygen consumption,” according to Freeletics, exercise turns out to be as effective.

This translates into the fact that short time intervals are based on maximum intensity work interspersed with long rest periods. In addition to this, its effectiveness is also due to the fact that instead of being 30 minutes to 45 minutes, the exercises can be performed between 10 and 15 minutes. Like everything, and more if it's your first time, we recommend you not to overdo the exercises you do.

Among the exercises that are usually done, according to Vitónica, are the isometric squat against the wall, flexion, abdominal shrinking, abdominal iron, running on-site, flexion with rotation, lateral plate. If it still does not convince you at all, just take a look at the bodies of Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez or David Beckham and Piolo Pascual.

2. Acrogym

One of the best combinations, this fitness discipline mixes the best of gymnastics with acrobatics. Also known as acrobatics, acrosport or acrobatic gymnastics, this discipline has gained strength since 2015 and, of course, thanks to our favorite Hollywood celebrities.

The acrogym combines jumps, human pyramids, dance, choreography, and acrobatic somersaults, according to OkChicas, which allows you to not only enjoy doing it but also to be physically demanding because it helps you strengthen coordination, muscle strength, flexibility and the ability to work in groups. In addition, due to its high level of acrobatic activities, the cardiovascular system works more favoring the burning of calories and body fat.

While it can be done alone, it is ideal to do it in pairs or larger groups. Remember not to strain and put on comfortable clothes when performing the exercises.

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3. Aquagym

Also known as aqua fitness, this activity combines the best of fitness rooms with water. This modality became popular for older adults, because being in the water, we become lighter, allowing us to make a greater physical effort.

Since all muscles have a job on these exercises, it is ideal for overweight people, “in the process of recovery, with trauma injuries, with mobility problems and joint stability in knees, ankles or for back problems in general. It is also a very suitable exercise for pregnant women, ”as Mujer Global recalls.

In addition, the same medium states that water contributes to muscle balance and better thermoregulation. Because the body temperature is more stable, performing the exercises becomes much more enjoyable.

4. Fly Yoga

According to the popular British media, Metro, performing yoga will be among the main trends of next year. Within this discipline, which has many variants, is Fly Yoga.

Aerial yoga is characterized by the fact that the exercises are performed suspended on a cloth, which has a certain degree of elasticity and hangs from the ceiling for better sustainability. According to El Tiempo, it is an activity that demands high intensity, because "the union of body, mind, and spirit" works.

Created in 2009 by yoga instructor Florie Ravinet, this discipline tones the body, corrects body posture, generates greater strength, endurance, speed, and power; and increases flexibility.

5. Sweep

This practice combines yoga, pilates, and ballet in the same space, being ideal for strengthening the muscles and generating resistance in them. When combining exercises of these three disciplines you are likely to perform movements on bar, on floor or on a yoga mat.

According to Quién, the key to this discipline is to find the balance between the body and the mind through performing repetitions of specific movements "and maintaining this position for several seconds so that the muscle contracts and strengthens." This works with a specific muscle, preventing it from being injured or stretched.

By combining these three popular disciplines, the benefits are several: it reduces stress, improves posture, improves flexibility and, of course, tones muscles. In addition to the concentration in breathing, which produces “better results in class because you are not aware of the clock,” as El Espectador states.

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