Why has Manchester United come down?

After many years of being on the cusp of world's football, Manchester United has fallen into a deep crisis in recent times, in which it has not been able to achieve major titles, and despite having invested a lot of money, they have added disappointments.

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After the departure of Scottish director, Sir Alex Ferguson, the reds have failed to consolidate an important sports project that allows them to return to achieve important achievements both in their country and in the old continent. Now they only live by memories.

They seem to have lagged behind the times where elite figures such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Peter Schmeichel, among others, managed to put United in the world football elite, managed by an excellent orchestra conductor like Alex Ferguson.

After the departure of the Scotsman, high-level managers such as Louis Van Gaal and the Portuguese José Mourinho have passed, but their results were negative. However, the Portuguese won the Europa League and the League Cup, but came out the back door because of the poor performance.

According to Fichajes, in the 'Red Devils' more than 1,000 million euros have been invested in heavy incorporations such as the French midfielder Paul Pogba, who continues in the institution, and had problems with the coach, José Mourinho.

Latinamerican Post analyzes this situation that the emblematic English club has experienced in recent years, plunging its fans who still miss Ferguson. Can United one day be the winning team it was before?

What happened to Manchester United?

The renowned Mexican journalist, Marion Reimers, pointed on her YouTube channel, the Reimers Aim, several factors that are necessary to highlight and that have been the cause of the decline of a great team that has many fans around the world.

"Since 2013, Manchester United hasn't gotten a Premier League title, but between 2006-2010, the club added six league championships. Its effectiveness has come down and they did not return to be protagonists in European football," said the reporter.

The first point to analyze was the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, since during his tenure he won 13 local and 6 international titles. Marión indicated that his shadow was going to weigh on whoever came to take his place, and therefore a very difficult transition process has been experienced.

Reimers said Ferguson was in charge of sports management, detecting new talents and incorporating elite players. “He was the person who structured the style of play. Since its departure, the club has lacked a sporting direction, ” said the journalist.

After Ferguson left, five coaches have passed through in just 6 years, and the signings have not been successful, since more than 100 players were incorporated, and Marion pointed out that several of them disappointed by his low level.

“Players like Ángel Di María and Alexis Sánchez were great disappointments since much was expected of them, and their prices fell gradually. In addition, players like Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial were not differential factors,” said Reimers.

Similarly, the Aztec said there has been a mishandling by the owners of the institution, because, in 2005, the club was acquired by Malcolm Gleizer, an American businessman who had poor results with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Recall that this businessman died in 2018, but his children run the team, and have received strong criticism for the club's results. The journalist released an investigation of The Guardian where they extracted more than 1,000 million pounds.

"Manchester United is a team that has had to be restructured several times, it has not found a way to make its signings work, the club is not very attractive to players, becoming a drifting ship," said Reimers.

Would they lose financial support from their sponsors?

The Peruvian newspaper, Depor, registered that Chevrolet, one of the main sponsors of Manchester United, does not want to renew the commitment that will culminate in 2022. Likewise, Adidas intends to exercise the penalty clause after the bad results.

In a record made by Diario Olé, several former players of the club announced their views on the current affairs of the cast. At Sky Sports, Gary Neville said the board of directors has made poor additions and poor selection of technicians.

"If you change your coach every two years, investing 250 million pounds on the road with a technician, you're going to have big problems," Neville said in this intervention.

For his part, the legendary Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, gave his concept on Twitter, defending the team and asking the fans to be more supportive:

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