Do you know how much football players pay for being late for training?

In football, it is very difficult for the internal rules of a club to come to light, but when that happens we cannot avoid talking about the exaggerated fines that the teams impose on a player, if he, for example, is late to practice. Can you imagine how much the fine can be just for being late? In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more

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1. Chelsea

One of the most recent cases is that of the team that plays in the Premier League under the command of coach Frank Lampard. So far, the team has responded very well to a team that is third in UK's league, and that, in addition, cannot sign due to a penalty imposed this year by FIFA, preventing the purchase of new players until the summer of 2020.

Under this regime, and thanks to the agency 'PA', it was announced how much the players pay when they are late for training: 23,353 euros. As if this were not enough, if you are late for a talk, you have to pay 583 euros, every minute! In addition, not to notify illness or injury before the day off or an hour and a half before training, it costs them 11,677 euros. These penalties came into effect from August 27, and the money raised is destined for charities.

2. Real Madrid

Another of the regulations that came to light this year was that from the popular Spanish team. According to Deportes Cuatro, the fines vary from being overweight to not having mobile phones in silence when in the locker room. Well, “players must arrive 45 minutes before to the locker room. If they arrive 5 minutes late they will have to pay 250 euros, the delay of 15 minutes is penalized with 500 euros and after the 15 minutes, it can reach up to 1,000 euros”, explains the same medium.

If they skip a training, they pay one of the most expensive fines: 3,000 euros. As for the control of their weight, if they are not at the ideal weight they have to pay 250 euros, a fine that can add up to 1,000 euros. Now, they have to notify any commercial activity or interviews they want to do and they have to be notified to the club, otherwise, they will have to pay between 250 euros or 1,000.

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3. Borussia Dortmund

The German team had to fine one of its most important stars within the club. The young English striker, Jadon Sancho, who at 19 is already a potential idol. Although the internal regulations for the yellow and black team are not known as such, the sanction of the striker could give us an idea of how much you pay for being late for training.

On November 19, in front of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Dortmund did not have his key striker and initially, people believed it was the coach's decision. However, it was revealed that it was a punishment for not presenting a justification on his return to the English team, arriving one day late. In this way, the team fined him with 100,000 euros.

4. PSG

More than a year ago, exactly on October 28, 2018, the French club players, Kylian Mbappé and Adrien Rabiot (who was still in the club at that time), arrived late not only to training but to a coach Thomas Tuchel's speech. The curious thing is that both players were fined almost half a year after what happened. The fine amounted to 180,000 euros and that money will be for the team's foundation.

Mbappé acknowledged his mistake and "signed a document as proof of the fault, accepting the fine," according to El Español; while, by mid-2019, Rabiot was still away from the first team due to the constant negative episodes he performed, being the most scandalous when he left to a party without permission from the club. Ultimately, the French reached the ranks of Juventus where he has not had many minutes to stand out.

5. Barcelona

At the end of 2018, the French striker Ousmane Dembélé was punished for being several times late for the Catalan club's training. The drop that exceeded the glass, without a doubt, was when the French arrived two hours late for the training session after he stood out in the match against Espanyol.

In this way, and according to As, the Frenchman received a fine of more than 100,000 euros. However, because it was a repeated act, the fine could have doubled or tripled.

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