5 goals made from arch to arch

There are goals of all types, from free-kick, from the penalty spot, left-handed, from the corner kick, in short; and it is normal that not only the strikers but the defenders mark them. However, it is not common to see goalkeepers stand out in this area of the field, taking into account that their job is to block the goals.

Goalkeeper catching a soccer ball.

Goalkeeper catching a soccer ball. / Photo: Unsplash - Reference Image

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1.Toño Rodríguez

The goalkeeper of Chivas from Guadalajara, Toño Rodríguez, managed to score a goal from his arch to the opposite, after Sebastián Jurado, goalkeeper of Veracruz, left from his point to the court of the rival team to try to tie the match until the minute 88, I was 2-1 in favor of Chivas.

Rodriguez took advantage of the arch bag to go in search of a striker who specified the action "but the ball went directly to the rival goal and not even Carlos Gutiérrez, Veracruz's last defender, could avoid the goal," as Pasión Fútbol explains.

The Mexican League didn't have quite a show since 1984, when Felix Madrigal scored in the 4-2 victory of his Morelia team against Leon. Although it is very rare to happen, we show you more cases where the archer was the protagonist.

2. Washington Aguerre

In October of this year, the Cerro Largo goalkeeper, Washington Aguerre, opened the scoring in the game that his team played against Cerro in the First Division of Uruguay. Aguerre, in the 24th minute, scored the first goal of the two scored, contributing to the triumph of his team.

Well, Aguerre kicked the ball with enough violence and force, which caused the ball to “sting just before the location of goalkeeper Carlos Techera, who could not do anything when he was overtaken by the pot of the ball,” according to Medio Tiempo. Aguerre said it was no accident but "I always saw him ahead of the goalkeeper and wanted to try."

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3. Matías Dituro

The Argentine, goalkeeper of the Bolivian Bolivian club, also scored a goal from goal to goal. At the end of the game, when all the players of the rival team (including the goalkeeper), San José, wanted to try to tie the game, they were surprised by Dituro's action.

The goalkeeper took the opportunity to burst the ball to the other side of the court, and as TN explains, “helped by the height of La Paz, the ball traveled more than thought, and despite the attempt of a defender for stopping it he ended up getting into the arch of the Oruro set, to put the final 3-1 ”. Already in 2015, the Argentine had scored somewhat from goal to goal.

4. Amir Shafi

One of the feats on the FIFA date that took place in November 2018 was, without a doubt, thanks to the goalkeeper of the Jordanian national team. Shafi was able to solve a goal opportunity when he realized that the goalkeeper of the Indian team was out of his goal.

In the 25th minute, he received the ball after his Indian counterpart "three-quarters of his area to be able to locate a soccer player, but the ball came to the Jordanian to make a historic score," as Publimetro explains.

5. Rubén Darío Silva

In the middle of the struggle, because his team, at that time Deportivo Carchá, went up to the first division of the Guatemalan League, Silva found the perfect moment to score the victory goal that led to the victory over Jocotán.

The score was well received in networks, as several fans cataloged it as a "great goal" or "that nobody can do it, a great goal, Silva is great, so it has to be my fish", as compiled at the time Zone Public The Uruguayan goalkeeper is now part of the Sanarate Fútbol Club team of the first division of Guatemala.

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