Natalia Suárez, journalism on the run

Costa Rican journalist and marathoner, an inspiring story.

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"It is not the kilometers, it is the desire to break limits", number 720, 30 kilometers Marathon, and a smile that marks what she is made of.

Natalia Suárez Calderón is a high-performance athlete and presenter, news director, and journalist for Teletica, the most important television channel in Costa Rica.

The Woman Post spoke to the Costa Rican presenter and athlete about her passions and professional and sports routines.

Seeing her active and running through life raises the first question and from then on comes a pleasant and surprising dialogue, absolutely inspiring.

"When they ask me how do I go about dividing up time? I always explain that my great advantage is that I love routines." "Having a day-to-day plan and sticking with it gives me great satisfaction," says Natalia.

Natalia has a routine of more than 15 hours a day. The physical state that sports give her, a healthy diet, and the adrenaline from having to fulfill countless tasks a day allow her to have long daily hours that start at three in the morning.

"I get up very early, at three in the morning." "I come to the channel and I have an advantage with the rest of the people and that is that my day is very long."

Between breaking news, cables, reporters, and a presentation set, Natalia leads a news team and presents the morning broadcasts of Teletica.

When the 8 or 10-hour workday ends for most, for Natalia it is the start of a new race on a sports track where she runs several more miles. “After leaving the channel, it is time to train because I still have energy. Running is part of the routine."

Natalia does not think whether or not she wants to train, her body simply gives her the order to stand up with determination and she starts again without giving up.

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Her day ends at five in the afternoon, but there are still a few more miles to go, the last of the day, which has as a medal a non-stopping kiss and tongue-lashing of cats and dogs.

It is the time to return home to dedicate herself, full of energy, to her husband, José Barquero, a successful engineer, a patient and loving man who awaits her champion in the company of their two dogs and three cats, "the little zoo", as Natalia calls the animals that accompany her in her country house in Colón, in the middle of the mountains, on the outskirts of San José.

"When I arrive, it is time to dedicate it to my house, my husband and my dogs, and cats," she says in her strong Costa Rican accent. "In fact, I really like to cook, I make dinner, I prepare the next day's breakfasts, lunches and at the end of the week, I love to run", the presenter says with a laugh.

At the weekend, Natalia explains that she gets up before dawn, her social networks are witnesses, she comes out early and kisses the sun when her husband gets out of bed, Natalia is already at home. "When I leave very early in the morning to go running, he doesn't notice my absence because when he wakes up I arrive, we have breakfast together and we enjoy it completely on the weekend."

Her morning race is between hills, which also gives her endurance and physical strength for the marathons for which she prepares annually to compete.

Natalia runs for 20, 30 kilometers, and more. Every year it competes; For four years she has been crossing streets, putting her resistance to the test among thousands of competitors, and she always reaches the finish line, whole and smiling. One more. They take her picture with her hands up and her smile says it all, she herself has built her happiness and discipline is her weapon to succeed.

Since she was a child, she was struck by the marathons of the Olympic Games: "I liked to see how they could run for so long without stopping and how the body could give more and more." She did athletics at school, her mom and dad exercised and were her example and four years ago she decided to venture into an athletics team to train and decided by the influence of her classmates to start preparing for marathons.

She started with small races, then came the half marathons in Costa Rica and years later she launched into the big marathons.

"The marathon requires discipline if you want to run seriously and competitively," she says in her Costa Rican accent, "you have to do the training and enjoy it because it is physically demanding." "When you are close to a Marathon and you do 100 kilometers a week there is a tiredness and a load that the recent body, then it is the discipline that helps."

Natalia is competitive and she enjoys it and over the years she has seen how she looks better and feels better when practicing the technique.

"Something that has helped me in the marathon process is that I am very obedient to the coach's instructions," she explains. It is the coach the one who has taught her that discipline is important but you have to enjoy the process. "The other thing that has been important to learn is the rest that I must give my body," she says with conviction, "and that has helped me a lot; enjoy, run, rest and put goals in mind every year, every marathon, every competition, they allow me to go for them at any rate,” she says excitedly.

"Sport fills me up, makes me happy and I see the results of the goals I have set for myself." Thinking about how I was four years ago and how I am now, motivates me because I see the fulfillment of my sporting achievements.

Natalia has run half marathons in Costa Rica, so many that she no longer remembers them. In three major marathons, Chicago in 2016, Victoria in Canada in 2017, the Flamingo marathon in Costa Rica in 2019, and in 2020 the goal was to run Boston but it was not possible due to the pandemic. I trained a lot to get to that competition and I had high expectations but we will have to wait when all this happens.

Asking Natalia about the advantages of sport and her practice excites her: “Sport gives you much more than what you give it, it gives you energy, it helps you improve physically, mentally and emotionally. Eating well, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, having a healthy life, and playing sports become an unbeatable ally for women".

Sportswoman and journalist, it sounds good. She shares her dawns between a street without limits and a television set, two passions that become the column of life for one of the most successful communicators in the Costa Rican country.

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