Could we live a technological revolution in medicine due to the pandemic?

Doctor typing and using a computer
COVID-19 and the advancement of science generate changes that a few years ago could have been unthinkable in the field of medicine

5 Women Scientists Who Left Their Legacy for Today

Portrait of Mary Anning
These are some of the most important representatives of these disciplines throughout history.

The Women Who Made the Arrival on Mars a Reality

Diana Trujillo
These are some of the many women who have been crucial in this great step in history.

What is HDR and why would it revolutionize the world of video games?

Frame from a video game
This revolutionary technology is present in the world of photography, but it will also have enormous value for the field of video games

Isabel Cristina De Ávila: An Unstoppable Conviction in the Tech World

Isabel Cristina Avila
Her enthusiasm and joy run through her veins and are present in her voice, her easy laugh, and a marked accent from the Colombian Caribbean, from her beloved Cartagena.

Projects For Connecting More Girls and Young Women

Olga Acosta and Diana Salazar
In order to recognize the role that women and girls play in science and technology, UNESCO established the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Do You Control The Use of Technology Devices at Home?

Girl using an iPad
The amount of time kids spend using devices is alarming for many parents. Families want to know: How much screen time is too much?

The Social Behavior of The Most Tech-Driven Generation

Couple with their child using a smartphone
Generation Alpha, aka the iGeneration, is the first generation entirely born within the 21s century.

App Filters Can Affect Mental Health

Woman taking a selfing using app filters
The selfie culture puts too much pressure on young people to try to alter their appearance.

Why is Female Participation in Virtual Meetings Not Valued?

Woman in a videocall
Have you ever heard about manterruption? This is when men interrupt women unnecessarily.

Be Sure to Choose The Safest Option For Your Messaging Service

Woman looking at her phone
These days WhatsApp privacy policy is in the news stating that it will use our personal data and share it with Facebook and other third-party promoters.

The most awaited video games for 2021

Still from the video game 'Resident Evil Village'
This year has a very interesting list of titles wanted by the gamer community. Let's review the most important

The Woman Who Makes Up The Mission to Return to The Moon in 2024

Kathy lueders
Kathy Lueders is the first woman to lead NASA's human spaceflight division.

Are We Aware of The Importance of Data In Our Life?

John Alexander López and code from big data
Globalization demands a new way of "doing" and in this way the need to adapt to an era that demands great challenges.
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