The world's 50 most famous women in robotics

Jul 08, 2020 Technology
Woman working with robotics
Analytics Insight has highlighted the most empowered women in global robotics

Everything that the beta of Android 11 brings

Jul 02, 2020 Technology
Person holding a cell phone showing the Android logo.
Let's see all the changes that will be incorporated in the devices that have this operating system

Tech giants unite against violence and abuse of women

Jul 01, 2020 Technology
Woman sitting in profile
Google, Facebook, Twitter, and UN Women launched an online initiative against gender violence

Ray Tracing, the technology that will revolutionize video games

Jul 01, 2020 Technology
Techniques used by the new Ray Tracing
Let's see what it is and how it will optimize graphics

Is 5G harmful to the environment or your health?

Jun 30, 2020 Technology
Signal tower
There are many suspicions about the possible risks of 5G technology. Let's see what it is for and if it would bring any consequences

These are the 3 highest-end smartphones of the main tech companies

Jun 25, 2020 Technology
iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20
If you plan to buy a first-class cell phone, these are the phones offered by the most important smartphone manufacturers

Remember BlackBerry? These are the reasons for its disappearance

Jun 23, 2020 Technology
Three cell phones of the 'BlackBerry' brand.
From being the most revolutionary and best-selling phone in the world to remaining only in people's memory, what happened to BlackBerry?

3 mobile apps that help you move money

Jun 19, 2020 Technology
Cell phone showing a wallet with money.
Whether it's changing your currency to dollars, saving money, or making payments, these alternatives can work without depending on a bank.

Does technology help to fall asleep?

Jun 18, 2020 Technology
Sleeping woman.
A survey by The One Pall revealed that six out of 10 Americans turn to technology for sleep.

What you need to know before you start to learn programming

Jun 18, 2020 Technology
Macbook showing a screen with programming code.
If your idea is to get started in programming, we will tell you what language suits you and what are the general tips that you should take into account.

The 5 most impressive hacks in history

Jun 11, 2020 Technology
Anonymous mask on a computer
Anonymous returned. Let's see what were the most significant hacks in the entire history of computer data

The reasons for Xiaomi's sucess

Jun 09, 2020 Technology
Person holding a Xiaomi brand cell phone.
The launch of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 shows us something: that the company is a sales success

The 5 most downloaded smartphone games

Jun 04, 2020 Technology
Still from the 'Subway Surfers' smartphone video game
Mobile games dominate the video game market and even outperform the game console and PC industry

SpaceX: All about the Dragon Crew launch

May 31, 2020 Technology
SpaceX Creo Dragon Rocket
Here's everything you need to know about the launch that took place on Saturday, May 30.

It is now possible to create your avatar on Facebook

May 29, 2020 Technology
Man checking his laptop.
For now it is only available in the United States, but it will not take long to reach other countries
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