Seven Programs for Windows You Can Uninstall Right Now

Woman looking three screens
Open the software remover on your Windows laptop, and you will probably find something from our list of useless apps

5 Keys To Be Successful in Personal and Brand Networks

Person holding smartphone on instagram feed
Social networks in the digital environment have become a space for competition between people and brands.

Uses for Our Lives of Apple's New AirTags

Apple’s AirTags
Apple AirTags tags will be used to locate personal items such as your keys, backpack or wallet, via Bluetooth.

MiMi Aung, Creator of the Ingenuity Helicopter That Flies on Mars

Teddy Tzanetos, MiMi Aung and Bob Balaram
A female face behind the small helicopter's first flight to Mars.

Fabiola Gianotti, Leader of European Nuclear Council

This portrait of Dr Fabiola Gianotti was taken in December 2015 before she began her mandate as Director-General of CERN
Italian physics is the first woman to lead the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

Analytical Sciences Open New Job Opportunities

Woman scientist
Women have been taking a relevant role in scientific communities, however, international indices reflect their low representation in these key scenarios.

Jesús Tabares Connects Talented Women With the IT Industry

Jesus Tabares and three woman at an office
Laboratoria Colombia is a proposal that began its digital march to close the gap between female talent demanded by the industry.

Women in SEO: How Does the Industry Work?

Two woman talking while looking at laptop
Although they were invisible for a long time, women specialized in SEO are being very important for the advancement of this area.

Stay Safe While Walking Alone

Angela Rucci speaking in her Ted Talk
As Angela Rucci claimed during her Ted Talk called "Text Me When You Get Home," walking alone is scary.

Women in Charge of Technological Platforms and Their Challenges in This Pandemic

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube
Women have played a vital role in the advancement of technology and computing.

Parents Can Take Actions To Prevent Cyberbullying

Mother and child using a laptop
Both bullying and cyberbullying are not new, but since we have been through times of isolation, this phenomenon has been on the rise.

Is There Progress on the Issue of Financial Inclusion for Women?

Woman typing on laptop
Women in the tech industry have found their place through the most difficult challenges.

3 “cheap” good alternatives of smartphones with 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones
Large screens, powerful processors and even 5G signal, offer these great brands of smartphones in their most affordable versions of the most expensive brands

The most important news of Pokemon Presents 2021

Frame of the video game trailer 'Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl'
One of the most important cartoon franchises in history announced all its news regarding its video game saga, including a special surprise

Laura Becerra-Fajardo, a Pioneer Who Provides New Life Opportunities

Laura Becerra-Fajardo
Laura is an Electronics Engineer with experience in miniature medical devices, including biomedical implants.
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