Argentines begin to decide the future of the economy in presidential primaries

The Argentines will decide between following the course of Macri's neoliberal economy or turning towards more state intervention with Fernández

The arg in Tinos com Zaron Sunday of CIDIR in the s the primary ections if the economy will follow the neoliberal direction issued so far by the presi NTE Mauricio Macri or be turned towards greater interv in state tion, as proposed by the opposition Alberto Fernán de z.

People line up to vote on Sunday in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

People line up to vote in the first presidential elections in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Reuters | Nicolás Misculin

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The primary s are consi of roadsteads accurate and comprehensive are or what might happen in the g elections in erales October in Arg in tub, gift of an economic crisis hit the imag Macri in the last year and revived the Peronism of C in the left in the opposition.

At most, the result of the election could impact on markets on Monday, which you in on the current presi NTE as their favorite candidate.

But the Aum in to the inf la tion, that of ployment and poverty are the Achilles heel of Macri - and its alliance Juntos c tro recha in the Change- that as t ap in dria chances of winning if many voters saw him as a driver of transpar ence s and public works.

Months until a political operator, Fernan of z was t in Tado by Fernan of z exmandataria Cristina Kirchner - qui in Cabinet- head out for in cabezar the FORMU the pressure of the c ncial in opposition troizquierda. Fernan of z is a mo rado politician who has managed to combine much of Peronism tro d of Fr coalition will of all.

" There will be a process of deeper (...) social and economic deterioration that's why we vote to Alberto and Cristina (Fernan of z)" Paul, a lic said Ci ted in political stances 48 years, in the city of Bu in os Aires.

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With a strong po authorization, a close is expected ection in tre the two main candidates.

"If BI in everyday life is not direct change, except in some works in one PUE see how left, I will continue betting on Mauricio Macri , " he told Reuters Alexander, an architect 55, in the suburbs of Bu in os Aires.

My in after the current presi NTE intends to continue with the opening of the economy and adjustment d state, Fernan of z is prone to greater interv in state tion to boost the domestic market and growing activity, actualm in you paralyzed

The s polls will remain open until 18.00 s local time (2100 GMT) and first results d recu expected in the interim to three hours of spués.

Most parties and must finido before the primary s to its main candidates, qui in is competing for the pressure of nce in the s the ections g in erales d on October 27, which will be settled in a runoff - the 24 November- if none of the postu the efore OBTI more d e ci 45 to the votes or 40 to ci cia and difer in 10 porc tual points on the second.

A more presi d the NTE in the ections s arg Tinos the egirán deputies s in worship, local governors and red headed tes.

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