Carlos Vives made the Simón Bolívar park vibrate with his 'liberating campaign'

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On December 15, Carlos Vives put the concert attendees to enjoy their music and reflect on the reality of the world

Carlos Vives hizo vibrar el Simón Bolívar con su

After two hours of waiting, around nine o'clock at night, the lights went out and the samarian singer took the stage raising the Colombian flag, with its characteristic energy and joy, to reclaim the roots of our music in the company of great performers.

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To the rhythm of the accordion, the 'tambora' and the bagpipes, Vives lit up the Simón Bolívar park with some of his best known classics, such as "Carito", "Déjame entrar" and "Pa 'Mayté" on a tour called 'Vives Tour Colombia, Campaña Libertadora ', which also went through Cali, Medellín, Bucaramanga, Tunja and Barranquilla.

A concert to reflect

In addition to the great show that the singer offered his fans, Vives was responsible for launching hopeful messages about the current situation in the country and the world.

First of all, he highlighted the scope that his initiative, 'Tras la Perla', has had in the neighborhood Pescaito, located in Santa Marta. For the singer, this place gives an account of our culture, history, and sport, and has all the potential to become "the pearl of America".

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The Colombian singer also joined the Greenpeace initiative to ban single-use plastic in Colombia and spoke about the importance of doing something about it before it's too late. "It's them or us, their's or our children and grandchildren", Vives said while projecting some photographs of the damage caused by the material.

The assistants were also invited to reflect on our Venezuelan brothers, on the need to welcome them into our homeland and help them to cross this terrible stage. He also congratulated the Colombian students for their great achievement after the last days and was in favor of a quality public education.

An emotional tribute

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of the show was when the Olympic winner, Mariana Pajon, took the stage on her bicycle. Suddenly there was something different: the cries of the audience acclaiming the great cycling of the country, who was extremely moved and sang along with Carlos Vives 'El orgullo de mi Patria'.

"La tierra del olvido", "La bicicleta", "La cartera", "Ella es mi fiesta" and "Pescaíto" were other themes that made the capital dance.

Great guests

Cynthia Montaño, from Cali, recognized for her community work, the Puerto Rican "Chesca", the Argentine Diego Torres and the 'paisa' Sebastián Yatra were the guests that accompanied Vives as he passed through the capital.

Around midnight, singing "Robarte un beso" with Yatra, Carlos Vives said goodbye to the audience in the middle of fireworks, thanking them for joining his "liberating campaign".


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