3 traditional Latin American Christmas dishes

Christmas is just around the corner and anywhere in Latin America means the same thing: lots of quality food and family time.

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Christmas, then, means that we have permission to eat any amount of holiday dishes that are on the table. And as these dates are also for family sharing, why not combine both and spend some quality time cooking the best Christmas dishes?

Although the family component is part of the Christmas season, the special dishes of this date vary from country to country. So here we present some of the Latin American Christmas meals so you can be encouraged to learn more about the region and prepare them for a family time.

1. Cod and buñuelos - Mexico

Mexico is known for its sweeping cuisine with spicy flavors and infinite variety of chili peppers and corn tortilla preparations. But the gastronomic delights of this country also extend to Christmas.

The cod, a typical dish of this time of the year, comes from the state of Veracruz and requires long preparation time. The fish takes at least 24 hours in water with the intention of desalting it for cooking. This Mexican dish is prepared accompanied by olives, spices, potatoes cut into pieces, chiles güeros and the fish is shredded, to make a mixture with all the ingredients in a tomato base. It is the perfect option for a family dinner for its simplicity, giving the option to enjoy a native dish of the country.

Then, as a perfect dessert are the buñuelos. Despite being a dish with a high degree of complexity, you can use different sweet ingredients that make it a unique dessert and worth trying. Cinnamon, orange, honey, panela and vanilla are some of the ingredients that can vary depending on the place of Mexico. Its result: a flat sweet dough, crispy and covered with sugar and / or cinnamon, perfect for finishing dinner.

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2. Buñuelos and custard - Colombia

These two Christmas dishes, while not part of the Christmas dinner, are the perfect accompaniment for a family reunion and the pre-dinner appetizer. Both dishes are traditionally eaten in the 'novenas', a celebration held every night in the 9 days before Christmas eve, to prepare for the birth of Jesus. In these events, families, and friends gather to sing Christmas music, wait for the arrival of Jesus and, meanwhile, enjoy this type of snack.

Buñuelos, unlike Mexicans, are a salty and spongy dough with a crispy top that creates the perfect combination of textures. Its interior is of a cheese dough and then they are fried to achieve the crispy texture. Eat one and you can't stop.

Custard, on the other hand, is the quintessential Christmas sweet dish from Colombia, although it is not originally from there. It is a dessert made with milk that remains with a gelatinous and creamy texture at the same time. Depending on the traditions, this can be chocolate, vanilla or other ingredients and flavors of the same style.

3. Roast and nougat - Argentina

In the country of the best roasts and the most exquisite cuts of meat, one could not miss one for the festivities. That is why the typical dish of the country becomes the number one option every year when choosing a dish for Christmas dinner. This meal includes, beyond the dish as such, a whole family moment surrounding the grill, so doing so is an all-day plan and meat is made with different preparations in an informal event whose center is to share with beings Dear in summer, which is the season that receives your Christmas.

And within the scope of this meeting, there can also be some nougat that is part of the sweet side of the celebration. This treat is served at the tables as a dessert or as an aperitif to taste at any time of the night and there are all kinds of variations in its flavors: dulce de leche, almonds, coconut, chocolate, etc ...

What do you expect to try your luck at Christmas with any of these dishes?

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