The famous book 'Brave New World' comes to television

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A happy world, the science fiction classic, will reach the small screen with a delivery of 10 episodes

The famous book 'Brave New World' comes to television

"There is no civilization without social stability, there is no social stability without emotional stability" . With this phrase, Aldous Huxley, author of the novel, gives a view of what is the book Brave New World about. Its history focuses on London and shows a utopian society where poverty, disease or war do not exist due to the strict regime of social order that has been created to preserve peace where each inhabitant belongs to a social class: Alfas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. But everything goes out of control when an individual decides to change the system.

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The work has been the inspiration for the creation of science fiction films such as Divergent.

Who will be the director?

This year, USA Network will carry out the adaptation of the novel to television, making a series of 10 episodes. He was appointed as director and screenwriter to David Wiener; director of the American series Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts and that since its premiere, on November 2, has had great reception among the audience.

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This new project will be developed in the company of Owen Harris, director of the fourth episode of the third season of the series Black Mirror San Junípero, Brian Taylor, director of Games and Grant Morrison as producer. This team will try to bring the fiction of the famous work to another level through the effects because they expect the adaptation to be well received by the public and transcend the story for its production, as well as has transcended in literature the novel. A happy world is considered a science fiction classic and ranks fifth in the list of the 100 best English novels of the twentieth century.

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They tried but failed

Previously, an adaptation of the book to the cinema has already been done on two occasions, one in 1980 and another in 1998, but no version managed to capture the essence of the work, given that the 1980 version lacks the feeling of a futuristic society where Science and technology are the ones that direct the life of cities. And the 1998 version forgets its narrative values by focusing on irrelevant details as a narrative axis.

His arrival on television has taken a long wait given that his performance was to be in 2014 with director Steven Spielberg for the American chain Syfy, as was announced 4 years ago through a statement on the television network. However, the years went by and the project was not mentioned again. It was also rumored that director Ridley Scott and actor Leonardo Dicaprio would perform the adaptation of the work, a rumor that over the years faded away.

It seems that the USA Network will be the one that will put an end to the wait, given that it has been the most evolution and development has given the adaptation of the novel because not only have announced its realization but also the directors are already working on your production. It is expected that its release will be for the following year.

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