The Sensation of Helpfulness Allows the Increase of Violence

The feeling of loneliness, lack of credibility, and even the absence of punishment for the harasser, for whom the violence is generated, is a cause that prevents victims from reporting.

The Woman Post | María Claudia Londoño D

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There is talk of campaigns, strategies, attention lines that create the illusion of being able to expose the multiple causes of violence against women, be it intrafamily, work, social or cultural. The reality is that the complaint figures do not reflect the real situation. It's too quiet. There is a lot of loneliness.

Initially, re-victimization arises, the questioning that arouses the feeling of guilt, of being the unconscious or conscious reason for having gone through a case of this nature. Thousands of sentences judge, minimize, and attack those who have had to go through a situation of violence, whether is verbal, non-verbal, psychological, physical, discriminatory, and even disdain and abandonment for not providing true support, monitoring, and punishment.

Even the confinement and the current pandemic situation have triggered cases internationally, according to reports and documents from the UN Women organization that reveal that one in three women suffers from violence. The campaign is called "The Shadow Pandemic."

The campaign "No Estás Sola" of the MIEL (Mujeres Inmigrantes Emprendedoras Latinas / Latina Entrepreneur Immigrant Women) organization presents a truly forceful message and graphically exposes with forceful phrases the situation experienced by the victims of this social scourge. Initially feeling the credibility, the support, the effective attention route and focusing on discovering and penalizing those who commit these acts in a decisive manner, will ensure, on the one hand, that the victims manage to increase the number of complaints to have real indicators that tend for actions and policies regarding the protection of women. On the other hand, exposing and judging the generators of this type of aggression with all the legal rigor, will in some way reduce the cases for fear of the effects that this causes.


There is no excuse to justify the violence. There is no excuse for allowing impunity or requesting oblivion.

In most cases, there is no psychological, physical, or emotional recovery. They are scars that accompany those who suffer from it for the rest of their life that even passes from generation to generation, like a stigma that is allowed and carried like an anvil on their shoulders.

There are many forums, meetings, and congresses around this topic. The Woman Post on this occasion supports and invites the Ibero-american Symposium organized by Fundación Mujer Libre on November 25 and 26, in virtual mode, which will feature 22 international speakers, experts in these important topics from various disciplinary and professionals. Registration by clicking here.

There are multiple triggers that day by day allow the violence to continue, the numbers increase and it seems that every effort is useless. It is a phenomenon that requires all our attention and intervention. Let women know that they are not alone, that their situation deserves attention and a solution.

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