Is there one kind of Latin American art?

Latin American art

Due to its geographical complexity, Latin America is the perfect ground for the creation of interesting craftmanship  
Latin American art is characterized by being fully present in the world of pictorialization without necessarily having to define itself as Latin American. The name itself has been kept to best identify artists coming from a very culturally diverse group of Hispanic countries.
There is no real identity in terms of style and it is unclear if there ever was a time when said integrity could easily be classified. In contemporary artistic practices, there is no longer a regional or original denomination.
There is a common history and a continental condition that define certain diffusely recognizable concerns and sensibilities in said artworks. This redefined concept of craftmanship is helping position Latin America in the modern world, as well as the use of local scenes, the incorporation of more and more artists in the international circuits, and the growth of artists' diasporas in Europe and the United States.
The strength and vitality of Latin American art today is a product of its deep relations with the region, with the diverse historical processes, the particular conditions found within these certain countries, and the contradictions that coexist inside the region.

LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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