Byton: the car of the future

Everything you need to know about the vehicle that promises to revolutionize the automotive industry

Byton: the car of the future

A group of former employees of two of the most recognized companies worldwide, BMW and Apple, unveiled a truly innovative product: this is the Byton, an intelligent car which is renowned for having “bytes on wheels”.

The innovative qualities of Byton

This new product combines the knowledge and the techniques of the engineers of BMW and Apple, since it has various qualities that make it intelligent. It has a large touchscreen located in the front part, which covers almost all the space of the dashboard. During the day, this touchscreen is displayed in a bright white tone, and in a dark color at night, in order to avoid, as much as possible, dstracting the driver. The most interesting part of this is the fact that the screen responds to touch gestures, facial expressions, and voice. It also projects a wide range of items, such as calendars, maps and videoclips. Manufacturers of this machine ensure that through it, it is possible for the travellers to bring back the experience lived within a conventional car. 

All other seats have a screen located on its back side, and there is also a tablet on the steering wheel. Furthermore, whether the vehicle is parked or in motion, the front seats can be adjusted in such a way that the passengers of the rear seats can be able to get a better look of the touchscreen. Thus, one of the most relevant attributes of the Byton is its capability of being customized. 

Even though Byton is able to reach more than 60 miles within a few seconds, speed is not precisely its main attribute, but it is its sensors and its high-quality software. These two characteristics make it almost able to drive itself, which means a huge advantage on safety in the event of driver´s distraction. 

Potential disadvantages and expectations

One of the major challenges that the Byton could face is the fact that, in some places, there is a reduced number of charging stations for electric cars. Those that criticize Byton say that it does not have the adequate infraestructure to work properly. However, manufacturers claim that this product will be intelligent enough to overcome this difficulty. 

Although at first the vehicle won´t have a total autonomy, engineers promise that this will be achieved over the next few years, so it can be driven even if the person is asleep. This innovation will compete with the products of one of the most recognized brands in the tech industry, Tesla, which appears as its major competitor. 

Byton enterprise, one of the several startups of the recent years, affirms that it is prepared to compete with large car companies, and even to overcome them, not only because of its technology qualities, but also due to its business strenghts, inasmuchas Tencent, one of the biggest chinese multinationals provides financial support. 

Daniel Kirchert, president and co-founder of Byton, says that this new product is tailor-made for the future, and looks forward to begin with its launching in China, and then expand to Europe and the United States.



Latin American Post | Mariana Castellanos
Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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