How do millenials' apartments look?

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Among many other things that distinguish them, millennials like to live in apartments with particular styles. Here we give a look at them

How do millenials' apartments look?

There are 5 things that the generation between 25 and 35 years old loves when choosing a space in the city. In general, they look for apartments associated with multiple services, fully connected to the neighborhood they like and the city.

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Millennials demand apartments before a house and 31% of the real estate investment is made by them according to Colliers International's study. What do they look for? Exxacon, the real estate company of SmartLiving has specialized in the development of buildings fully connected to the favorite neighborhoods of this segment and highlights:

Millennial's 5 requirements in the decision to purchasing an apartment:

1. Butterfly design apartment

For millennials, it is top to live in butterfly designs that consist of two en suite bedrooms in the same apartment, which locate the meeting place at the center. In this way, it allows independence in coexisting and the comfort that it can provide.

2. Innovative common areas

They are sociable and there are key aspects in which they will focus to make the purchase decision. It is important that, in the environment of the building, there are innovative proposals in multipurpose rooms, gourmet spaces, barbecue areas on roofs, gymnasiums with cutting-edge machines and bicycle racks, among others. They also value the commitment to the environment and energy efficiency. They look for all the benefits in one place.

3. Full connection to the neighborhoods

They are fully connected and fans of SmartLiving. The location of the project is essential, as it must easy to move by bicycle or by car to other neighborhoods. They want the neighborhood to offer multiple services, be a walkable location, connect them with the environment and other people with common interests, they appreciate a lot this and want to enjoy their free time.

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4. The apartment as their own original mark

They buy apartments according to what they are living at some point in their lives. If their project changes, they will lease it or sell it and look for greater benefits in another project that represents them more.

5. Minimalist design and integrated kitchens

In terms of design, they prefer clean spaces, full of light and minimalist, as well as materials such as wood, metal, and concrete, without any type of luxury. They become specialists in being able to take advantage of every space that the department has. They prefer integrated kitchens without traditional storage spaces, mainly with visible utensils, where the tables function as a meeting point and become the core of the place. In this sense, the table is shared for everything: eating, working and socializing.

They are a consumer that not only looks for apartments to live in, but also as an investment instrument that provides profitability and security for their old age. This feature has activated the real estate market, says Nicole Solé, architect and general manager of Exxacon.

She adds that they are more infidels to stay for many years in a commune and seek mobility before buying a home forever. It is also a characteristic that is linked to the increase in mortgage loans and because families begin to increase over the years, due to the postponement of maternity, so that housing needs will also vary over time.

Source: Exxacon

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