How will the baseball player David Ortiz do as analyst and executive?

The Dominican legend is a television commentator and sports adviser for the Boston Red Sox

How will the baseball player David Ortiz do as analyst and executive?

David Ortiz Arias is a former Dominican baseball player who set important records in the Major League of Baseball (MLB). During his career, he hit 541 homers in the Minnesota Twins' jersey and the Boston Red Sox.

According to the Ecured website, Ortiz debuted with the Twins in 1997, a season in which he participated in 15 games and only took 49 at-bats. Over time, he received the nickname of "Big Papi" or "Mr. October", and is one of 30 players to hit at least 500 home runs in Major League Baseball.

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Now, Ortiz takes his first steps as a commentator on Fox Sports in the current regular season, but will also serve as manager at the All-Star Futures to be held on July 15. As if that were not enough, he works with the Boston Red Sox as an executive when performing different leadership and sports functions. LatinAmerican Post analyzes the news of this outstanding Latin American baseball player who became a star in the United States.

Relevant actions in the Major Leagues

Ortiz won three World Series in 2004, 2007 and 2013, and is considered one of the best offensive production players in MLB history. Infobae noted that Ortiz had 19 years of career, and recorded 541 home runs, 2,458 hits and participated in 10 star games.

In addition, Ortiz belonged to the team of the Lions of the Chosen in the professional baseball of the Dominican Republic. "I thank Pedro Martínez, he was the one who saw my talent," Ortiz told Sputnik News about one of the keys to his success.

Ortiz achieved the feat of the 500 homeruns on September 12, 2015, and in this way, it was the 27th in the history of the Major Leagues to obtain it.

Manager at All Star-Futures

'Big Papi' will transmit his experience and knowledge for the All-Star days. Ortiz was appointed to direct the game of the Future Stars on July 15. This commitment will take place in the Washington National Park, and the Dominican will lead the international team that will face the United States.

According to information registered by AS, the United States will be led by former outfielder Hunter, who was an All-Star on five occasions. The novenas will be integrated by the most important prospects of the Minor Leagues and the Rosters will be announced soon. Historically, this commitment has favored Americans who have won 12 victories against 7 obtained by international squads.

Experience at the service of the comment

The former Red Sox star signed a contract to be the Fox Sports analyst during the MLB season, the All-Star Game and the World Series. "Ortiz brings a level of knowledge that balances very well with others," Fox Sports president John Entz told Diario Libre.

The former Dominican hitter was in the coverage of the Fox Sports postseason in 2017, and his debut will be on July 17 in the All-Star Game. In 2016, it was his retirement as a professional athlete, but in 2014, he was the studio analyst who was in charge of commenting on the World Series. According to Albat, the Latin American athlete participated in the "David Ortiz Needs a Job" program, and showed his talent when playing percussions.

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For life with the Red Sox

On September 14, 2017, Ortiz became an executive of the Boston Red Sox, and will be with the institution forever. The Accent portal reported that the Dominican is one of the main advisors of the current team members.

Ortiz, too, plays roles by participating in the recruits that the cast performs, and also makes special appearances for the club. In the same way, he has been in charge of working in a capacity of development and business strategy between Fenway Sports and its owners.

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