These are the athletes who followed in their parents' footsteps

These young men are the sons of legendary athletes in the history of soccer and motorsports. Do you know who they are? Find out here

These are the athletes who followed in their parents' footsteps

In the sports world it is more common than it seems that children of great stars follow in the footsteps of their parents, even surpassing the legacy that their parents left behind. The list is long, and this includes Cesare and Paolo Maldini in soccer, Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr. Mayweather in boxing, Keke and Nico Rosberg in motorsports, among others.

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This tradition is not alien to the new generations. In fact, children of iconic athletes have now been envisioned as great promises for the future.

Mick Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is for many the best exponent of Formula 1 in the history of this competition. According to AFP, the German reached "91 grand prix victories", with which he obtained a total of 7 world titles in F1, maximum number of championships obtained by the same driver.

The last name Schumacher was not forgotten after the retirement of Michael in 2012, because his son represents the hope of seeing his surname at the top. Currently, Mick Schumacher is a Formula 3 racer of the FIA ​​for the PREMA Theodore Racing team and is seen as one of the best in this competition.

The last four races won, consecutively, position him as the second-best driver of the championship just 26 seconds behind the leader Daniel Ticktum of the Motopark squad, according to the website of the FIA ​​F3. In addition, according to the newspaper Marca, "(...) he is a candidate for the title if he continues on that line with his Mercedes".

In relation to Michael, the outlook is positive for Mick. In the beginning, the son of the "Kaiser" debuted with 19 years old in F3, while Michael did it with 20 years old in 1989. In addition, according to the portal AutoFácil, in his debut the former runner only achieved victory in two occasions, while his son already has four victories and there are still two more races in contention in 2018.

However, the student can overcome the teacher even more if Mick reaches the F3 title in his first year in that competition. This hypothetical triumph would mean to be champion of this category much younger than his father and in an international arena if we take into account that Michael did it in 1990, but in the German F3.

"Of course, my goal was always Formula 1 and it continues to be so, now we are taking one step after another and I'm looking forward to the moment," Mick said at the press conference after winning his first win at F3, in the Spa-Francorchamps of Belgium.

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Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Simeone plays as forward and his current club is Fiorentina of Italy, but without a doubt, one of the greatest data that persecutes this young Argentine soccer player is the name of his father: Diego Simeone. The "Cholo", nickname with which the coach of Atlético del Madrid is known, is the father of three children and a two-year-old girl.

According to El Clarín, the three men are heirs of their father's passion: Giovanni, 23, in Italy, Gianluca, 20, in Chile and Giuliano, 16, in River's inferiors.

However, today "Gio" is the greatest exponent of the surname Simeone. Although the son plays in a different position than the one played by the father, a small relationship between the two can be made around the reality of "Cholo" when he was 23 years old, the same as his son Giovanni today.

At that age, Diego had already debuted with the Argentina National Team four years earlier, in 1988. Giovanni came to do so until a few days ago, in a friendly match that the Argentine team won 3-0 against Guatemala. In that match, the eldest son of the Simeone dynasty scored the last goal of the match and celebrated it with a photo that was uploaded to his Twitter account.

In the image, "Gio" remembers a moment as a child with his father: he wearing the shirt of the albiceleste, as well as the moment in which he scored the goal against Guatemala.

In a matter of clubs, the situation is similar. At age 23, Diego had gone through an Argentine and an Italian team before arriving at Carlos Salvador Bilardo's Sevilla in 1992, according to Mundo Deportivo, at the request of the Argentine coach. These two teams are Vélez Sarsfield and Pisa Calcio.

For his part, Giovanni also emerged from Argentina, in the minor divisions of the River in 2013, to move to Banfield in 2015. In the latter he made the leap to Europe to debut with Genoa of Italy in 2016, before reaching the Fiorentina in 2017

The most important challenge for Diego's eldest son is to try to match the international track record that "Cholo" won with his team: two Copa América, in 1991 and 1993; a Confederations Cup in 1992; and the extinct Artemio Franchi Cup in 1993, which faced the champions of the Copa América and the European Championship.

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