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With the first game of week 7 played and where the Broncos clashed against the Chiefs, and with the next games to be held next Sunday, we will see if the San Francisco 49ers and the Patriots will remain undefeated for another week.

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It is no secret that the San Francisco natives have had an exceptional season, without losing any match against powerful teams that they have battled and fought, such as Los Angeles Rams; team that was totally dominated by the 40ers, because they lost 20-7.

However, and for some followers, the Patriots have not yet been able to demonstrate their skills in the field. The current champions of the league have faced eight teams, of which they have won all the matches, but none of these qualified for the playoffs in 2018, as Nación Deportes explains.

Even so, the New England Patriots have one of the strongest defenses in the entire championship, they have dominated the NFL for almost 20 years. What is expected is that they advance to the playoffs and that is where they demonstrate the qualities of a champion.

So far both teams survive undefeated in week 7, but throughout the seasons, which are the teams that have remained invincible for a longer period of time? In LatinAmerican Post we tell you some of the most recent almost invincible teams.

2007- New England Patriots

Although more than twelve years have passed since this season, it is unquestionable to mention that it is possibly one of the best seasons for the natives of Massachusetts. The above because they finished the regular season winning all 16 games, thus being the fourth team to achieve it in the history of the NFL. In this way, the Patriots ranked first in the AFC East, automatically qualifying for the divisional round.

In this they faced the Jacksonville Jaguars, to win 31-20, thus passing the AFC Championship, where they played against the San Diego Chargers, a team they also won. This is how in one season they won 18 games without being defeated. The above came to an end in the most important game, because in Super Bowl XLII they lost against the New York Giants.

2015 - Carolina Panthers

In this season, the Panthers indisputably had their best performance in the history of the team and also enter as one of the best seasons in the NFL. They remained 15 games undefeated, becoming the seventh team to achieve it.

Their defeat came in Week 16, losing to the Atlanta Falcons 20-13: but it reached them to be leaders of the NFC South and in the Conference as such, taking direct step for the divisional round, where they triumphed over the Seattle Seahawks 31 -24.

Subsequently, in which the NFC champion is decided, they secured their ticket to Super Bowl 50 by beating the Arizona Cardinals. It was in this event where they returned to savor the defeat because the triumph escaped them against the Denver Broncos.

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2009 - Indianapolis Colts

It was in this season that the Colts managed to improve their 2008 mark, since 14 games remained undefeated, falling defeated in the 16th week against the New York Jets 29-15. Despite this, they qualified for the playoffs, straight to the divisional round where they won the Baltimore Raven and were crowned as champions of the AFC competition in a rematch game against the New York Jets.

With this, they won the participation in Super Bowl XLIV, where they were defeated by the New Orleans Saints 31-17.

2013 - Kansas City Chiefs

Although this is not the most recent distinction as an undefeated team in a regular-season because in 2017 they managed to last five games without losing, in 2013 nine games remained undefeated. The defeat came in Week 11 when Denver Broncos ended the good streak of the Chiefs.

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The Kansas were second in the AFC west, and reached them to be fifth in the playoffs, which is why they played the round called "wild card", but could not beat the Indianapolis Colts who ended the dream of reaching the Super Bowl in an exciting game that finished 44-45.

2018 - Los Angeles Rams

For last season, the Los Angeles Rams imposed themselves on the other teams by being undefeated until week 8, thus being their best brand since 1969. However, and when Week 9 arrived, the New Orleans Saints ended the streak and imposed 45-35.

Still, the Rams managed to win five more games, enough to qualify first in the NFC West division, above the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. Their streak did not stop there because they were the champions of their conference, a triumph that awarded them a ticket to SuperBowl LIII.

At the end of the season, they faced the New England Patriots (AFC champions) but the title escaped them, when the Patriots won 13-3, resolving the game in the last quarter of time.

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