5 soccer players who have their own YouTube channel

Our favorite soccer players not only earn their salary playing for the most important teams in the world. Some of them are models, others enjoy the sponsorships of certain brands, and others simply dedicate themselves to YouTube. Here in LatinAmerican Post, we show you some soccerplayers and also Youtubers.

Youtube video screenshot of the player Vinicius Jr.

Video screenshot on youtube of the player Vinicius Jr. / Photo: youtube.com/ViniciusJr

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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1. Héctor Bellerín

The Spaniard, and who works as a right-back in Arsenal, has a YouTube channel called 'Hector Bellerin”. Currently, it has 109,000 subscribers and 30 videos. As confirmed by the platform, the channel was created on May 1, 2015 and has a total of 2,941,105 views.

Although there are not many videos that the player uploads, the most recent give us a look at how the Arsenal player faced his knee injury, and for which he had to be operated, revealing the treatments and routines for which he had to go through in order to get back in shape.

2. Vinicius Jr.

The revelation star striker of Real Madrid, and who is only 19 years old, also performs as Youtuber. The Brazilian created his channel on May 23, 2019, has 815,000 subscribers and only 12 videos, which a total of 14,492,900 views.

The footballer, and who has become compared to Neymar for his skill and talent, uploads different types of videos: from what it is like to be a Real Madrid player; answering questions from fans, his training with the Brazilian team, unboxings, even touring the neighborhood where he grew up.

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3. Neymar Jr.

The Brazilian ended up being one of the most expensive transfers in the world of football, he also has his own YouTube channel. Created on August 23, 2010, the PSG's key forward has 1,760,000 subscribers, and in its nine years the channel has 408 videos with a total of 126,608,102 views.

Within his videos, the player shows his day to day followers as a player not only of the PSG, but of the Brazilian team. In addition, he gives us a look at the backstage of some of their advertising campaigns, in addition to sharing interviews with some celebrities, such as Will Smith, and former soccer players such as the Brazilian, Ronaldo.

4. Chicharito

The Mexican soccer player, and current Sevilla striker, has a channel called 'Naked Humans' (Naked Humans), created on May 26, 2019. In this one, Chicharito not only appears with his wife, the Australian model Sarah Kohan, nor with his little son Noah, but also with his best friend actor Diego Dreyfus. The soccer players brings us a little closer to his daily life with his wife and friends.

The channel already has 97,300 followers and to date they have uploaded 21 videos. In addition, the group of friends describes the channel as a way of sharing “our essence through an ordinary and raw vlog, which is exactly the reason why it goes beyond the 'standard' (...) There is no censorship, since we are sharing our purest being. No makeup, no double shots and no filters: NUDE. We are simply improvising within our own reality. ”

5. Iker Casillas

The Spanish former goalkeeper of the selection of Spain and Real Madrid, world champion and one of the best goalkeepers in the world also has his channel on the popular platform. Created on February 15, 2011, it has 131,000 subscribers and has so far uploaded 69 videos, which have guaranteed 4,891,440 views.

Within the variety of videos that the player uploads, we can find the own 'tops' that the goalkeeper makes, such as better lefties, better stadiums, or even better goalkeepers. It also gives us a glimpse of several famous challenges or questions and answers.

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